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Articles Archive

Here’s an archive of my articles from 2004 – 2007 in PDF format:

February 2007 Pyramid-shaped Tea-bags
The economics of happiness and wellbeing

November 2006 Purpose and Passion
Finding meaning and purpose at work

October 2006 Appreciation
The importance of cultivating a culture of appreciation

September 2006 Winning
An elite athlete’s tips for success

August 2006 Confidence
People’s experiences with how to build confidence

June 2006 The Business of Happiness
Economics, business trends and happiness

May 2006 Mindfulness
What is it, relevance to the workplace

April 2006 We Love Work!
Enjoyment, engagement and meaning at work
For AFR article, click here “Companies Where People Want To Work
Australian Financial Review, Weekend Perspective Section, Saturday 4 March 2006, pg17-19

March 2006 Martin Seligman in Australia
Links and information relating to Marty’s recent visit

February 2006 Sharpen Your Mind
Insights from Time Magazine’s January Mind / Body issue

November 2005 Christmas Cheer
Giving for workplace meaning, engagement and satisfaction

October 2005 What’s Positively New?
Updates from the press and recent Summit

September 2005 The Loyalty Balance
How to entice employees to stay a little bit longer

August 2005 Frenzied Underachievers
Managing overload and overwhelm

July 2005 Healing – The Leader’s New Role
Suggestions for how to create a healthy workplace

June 2005 Can You Really Change?
Research on what does and doesn’t influence change

May 2005 From Strength to Strength
Using your strengths, focusing on what’s good

April 2005 The Resilient Manager
Optimism and resilience give you the edge

March 2005 Managing Time or You?
How working on ‘you’ can help with time management

February 2005 The Power of Positivity
The impact of positive emotions on people and the workplace

November 2004 Conscious Conversations
Communicating with awareness is important
when mentoring your staff

October 2004 Interior Designers
Mindsets, attitudes and beliefs are critical to your performance

September 2004 Storytelling – Not Just For Kids
A communication tool for leaders and managers to influence change

August 2004 Thriving in the Workplace
The reality of the workplace and what we can do about it

July 2004 Meditation, Mediation or Medication?
How Meditation helps in all aspects of life

June 2004 The Importance of Being Reflective
Too busy doing to have time to think?

May 2004 Reaching Beyond Our Boundaries
Taking an alternative view, behaving and feeling differently, and going beyond your boundaries

April 2004 I’ll Tell You What I Know (Perhaps)
How can we and others improve our knowledge sharing skills?

March 2004 Honing Your Coaching Skills
Leaders and managers are recognising the importance of honing their mentoring and coaching skills

February 2004 Cultivating Relationships
The importance of business relationships and how to develop them