Making Wise Choices:
Career Direction and Job Satisfaction

One-day workshop  *  9:00am-4:30pm  *  Groups are limited to 10-12 participants

Two facilitators: Aurora Andruska and Amanda Horne

In-house workshops can be scheduled or tailored for your organisation.

For further details contact our facilitators:

Aurora Andruska — 0412 018 350 — aurora [at]
Amanda Horne  —  0402 892 698  — amanda [at]

2018 – Open Workshops – Canberra

5 April, 2018
24 July, 2018
18 October, 2018

Contact the admin team who are administering our public workshops:
admin [at]

About the workshop

No matter where you are in your job and career, you can always benefit from planning how you can shape your current and future roles. Making wise choices will help you to head in the right direction. This workshop is for you if you want:

  • Enhanced job satisfaction, motivation and productivity in your current role
  • To be on the front foot when job opportunities arise
  • To confidently influence your next role
  • Clarity and perspective about your ideal ‘job fit’
  • You are a manager who wants to help shape satisfying jobs and careers for your employees

This workshop provides you with practical tools and techniques to help you to influence your career, enhance job satisfaction, increase work performance and boost your leadership capability. As managers of staff this workshop will also provide you with techniques to add to your coaching, mentoring and leadership toolkit, and which you can use to guide your staff to shaping their careers and job satisfaction. The day will include:

  • Practical, interactive discussions
  • Opportunities for peer discussion
  • Time for quiet reflection and personal planning
  • The support of experienced facilitators

What participants said about previous workshops (2014-2017)

“This provided me with valuable time out to consider my career plan; I have the tools to assess and guide me to career satisfaction”

“I liked the common sense, well thought out approach to career directions”

“There is great value in the self-reflection, networking, listening to others and creating a plan for going forward”

“I really wanted to let you know just how useful I found the workshop which I attended 3 months ago, and how relevant and applicable the content has been for my transition to my new role. Once again a BIG thank you to you both for informative and invaluable experience. I hope to continue to consolidate my learnings from the workshop over these first 12 months.”

“The organic nature of the day allowed for open discussion”

“I benefited from the perspectives of others”

“I shifted from deficit thinking to a mindset which helps me to move forward”

“Thank you for the workshop; it was food for my soul”

“I have new strategies for how to approach my career”

“The reflection sessions supported my decision”

“It burst my bubble of fuzziness”

“I now have clarity”

“Sharing experiences was valuable”

“I learnt more about myself by hearing from others”

“I now know that I’m not the only one out there going through this”

“This gave me the chance to take the time, to stop and think”

“I’m now ready for action”

“This was a great opportunity to think about the future”

“The strategies and approaches will be important in making this next career move as rewarding and satisfying as possible”

“I have a sense of a timeline”

“I want to express my thanks to you both for the workshop the other week. I have taken steps to meet with my manager to discuss my career path and explore some options that will move me forward in the right direction.”