positive psychology

September 21, 2009

Permission to be an Optimalist

Think about your workplace: Is there a climate of psychological safety in which workers are allowed to learn from mistakes, and there is an acceptance of […]
May 30, 2009

Authentic Leadership and Health

Last month’s topic was ‘zest at work’. This month I continue with this theme of vitality and thriving, and have summarised an article from the April […]
April 24, 2009

Zest and Work

How’s your zest? Your vitality, energy, exuberance, vigor, engagement? Do you approach your work with “anticipation, energy, and excitement”? These are important questions because zest is […]
February 24, 2009

Respect at Work

Last month I heard an interesting radio interview on workplace incivility. In line with the theme of my (usually) monthly emails, I reflected on how this […]
December 24, 2008

With Thanks

It’s inspiring to hear people acknowledge the good things in their lives, particularly if they have experienced troubles and difficulties. As we come to the end […]
October 27, 2008

Letting Go

This month I’m delighted to send you this piece which was co-written by Yencie Fogden (colleague and friend) and myself. Yencie and I have enjoyed interesting […]
September 30, 2008

Building Trust

Can an organisation explicitly enhance trust through targeted policies? What does trust involve; what are the actions which build trust? Trust builds high quality connections “Trusting […]
September 1, 2007

Friends at work

How would you respond: “I have a best friend at work” (yes? no?) Research by the Gallup Organization, based on surveys of 10 million people, reveals […]